What is Storage Process?


  • Your Storage Process are managed by multiple vendors.
  • You need to arrange/coordinate the multiple vendors to manage your Storage Process.
  • We can support your process management as one stop expert.


Who we are

Established in 1970, Nagano Science is a leading pharmaceutical stability storage process company.  Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, employing approximately 230 employees, Nagano Science is the only provider of services and products for the complete stability storage process for pharmaceutical companies.

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In 2013 Nagano Science incorporated its first US subsidiary, Nagano Science USA in New Jersey, in order to create new business opportunities and promote their services for the complete stability storage process in the U.S. with rich experience and expertise over 40 years in Japan.

We have started our business with our self-developed mapping tool for stability chamber, while other services were deployed in California.

With a growing business need from pharmaceutical companies in California,we have opened a new office in San Diego following the frst office in NJ.

Following the new office open, we became a member of BIOCOM to strengthen the relationship and networking with the local pharma and biotechnology leaders.

Nagano Science USA has accelerated their service expansion and networking not only in CA but all over the US.

While other companies only provide equipment or services or storage, we provide solutions for every step of the stability storage process so that customers can focus on their core tasks of drug research and development and quality control.

Our corporate vision is “develop the best process for stability storage in the pharmaceutical industry and make it available worldwide.”

Our best process is on the way to being available worldwide.

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