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At first, we Nagano Science come from Japan. In Japan, we started our business as a stability chamber manufacturer over 40 years ago. We have provided chamber repair, PM, (re-) calibration/qualification and sample storage services as well. And then, any other consulting services like risk assessment, SOP review and drafting, seminars and training of “What is stability testing?”, “How is global regulation going?” have also been developed and offered. As a result, over 80% of pharmaceutical companies in Japan use us today.

Unmet Needs

Based on our experience, we came to US and found unmet needs here through the conversation with lots of pharmaceutical companies. They are supported by a variety of manufacturers and service providers but especially taking care of humidity (repair/PM) seems not to be covered enough all over the states. Panics and complaints due to unexpected malfunctions, uncompleted repair and shortage of PM still exist.

Why Nagano

We have just started our US business and want you to widely recognize/remember us. Therefore we made decision to expand what we can do for the unmet needs as “Japan Quality Health Check” so that you can easily try us in free of charge.

And we believe Japanese nationality and characteristics like Polite, Calm, Hardworking, Patient and Hospitality Mind fit well to solve and improve this issue.


For the Health Check, your current repair/PM program supported by in-house engineers or outsourced vendors does not matter. We can independently do this as an additional help for you.

This free trial but professional service covers from health check to submission of report. Based on the report, if you will take any actions by your internal resources only, you don’t have to pay any charge to us. Only the case that you will still need further assistance from us for the next phase, we can offer additional support with discussion of the charge.

For our startup in US, we designed this structure so that you can easily try us and get benefit without any loss for you.

Service Flow

  1. NDA
  2. Facility Visit (Assessment)
  3. Document Review (Assessment) * Historical Service Report, PM Record
  4. Submit Report

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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