Repair History Diagnostic Service


How many stability chambers do you have in your facility?

How many samples do you store in your stability chamber?

And how often are you bothered with repair or unscheduled maintenance for your chamber, e.g. emergency alarm by abnormal operations? water and/or humidity trouble? Or same problem which soon re-occurs after maintenance has been performed?

Our repair history diagnostic service can help you be free from the occurrence of an abnormal chamber malfunction. Through this service, our specialists of stability chamber and stability storage process

  1. categorize repair history and the trend.
  2. analyze scientifically the trend.
  3. propose how to get away from irritation of sudden troubles and how to improve your stability storage process.

With our stability chamber diagnostic service, you can proactively prevent the occurrence of an abnormal situation.

Want to protect samples?

Prevent proactively troubles with our service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us



Risk Assessment Service

Many potential risks can exist in Stability Storage Process.

Most companies allocate their resources to drug product development and manufacturing activities. From our experience, it is obviously clear that the management of stability storage process is a critical portion; however, enough actions have not been taken for that.

So you may not be fully aware of potential risks, may not know what or how risks should be mitigated, do not appropriately prioritize risks or do not have enough time to perform risk management.

This service is to support you. We analyze your stability storage process, identify the potential risks, evaluate the risks and propose risk reduction measures. You can use the result to make decision of which risks to accept or to control much more efficiently than before. And like our existing clients, you can also find the gap between what you think and what it is and prevent recommendations from others in advance. We assess your process as if we are a part of your internal team.


Risk Control Service

After the assessment, in case you can not work on mitigation of the potential risks we identified because of your resource or skill, we implement on site risk mitigation measures on your behalf.

With over 40 years of experience in stability storage process, Japanese diligence and Omotenashi “the Japanese spirit of hospitality” mind, we allow you to focus on your core capabilities.  Concretely, services provided are

  • Process Cost Reduction
  • Redesign Chamber Qualification
  • PM Restructuring
  • Review and Draft SOPs
  • Vendor Selection Support
  • Vendor Interface/Management Support

If you don’t have enough resource internally, we can be the resource. If you are/have the existing resource, we can also support you.


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